Business Schools – How to Handle Group Discussion and Interviews

Most what I am writing below is the process followed in the Indian Business Schools. If a candidate had done well in the Common Admission Test(CAT) you can expect that you will be called for a group discussion and interview. This is necessary for the schools to make sure of the identity of the candidate, his communication skills his attitude, group behavior, his disposition when faced with face to face challenges and the strength foundation he has laid in his undergrad subjects.In the schools overseas since it is not possible to adopt this method they use an essay to let the candidate explain why he thinks that business administration is right for him. It is a good question to ask and it will most probably be asked in all interviews or essays.The number of candidates admitted in the schools over seas is very large and could be in the range 700-1000 in each school. In India, the Indian School of Business Hyderabad which has a fifteen month program for mostly experienced candidates has close to 500 candidates admitted each year. Indian Institutes of Management vary in the number they admit. The IIMs at Ahmedabad, Calcutta and Bangalore have been admitting close 240-300 per year and the IIML, IIMI and IIMK admit 180 per year. IIM Gauhati the most recent one added has been admitting 60. All existing IIMs put together the total admitted will be in the range of 1500. If the HR ministry suggests an increase this might go up by another 360-400. There are reservations for backward and schedule classes at IIMs which account for nearly 15-20 percent all put together. The total number of candidates that appear for CAT each year is in the order of 150,000 to 180,000. Thus the acceptance rate is extremely low compared to other places Which means having done you CAT well enough to be among some 4000-5000 candidates called is an achievement and you should prepare well to perform well in the interview and group discussions as well.A candidate may be called for Interview in more than one IIM and not getting an Interview call from one IIM does not mean there will be no call from others as the cut off s and the critical could be little different. The older the IIMs may be more difficult to get admitted.The group discussions are generally a small case or an issue given. You are given time to read in the discussion room and you will be asked to start the discussion. You may be asked to write a summary of the discussion at the end.For interview you must have good stock of general knowledge which can cover a wide range including politics, social issues, business news, events, sports, music, and so on. You must be thorough in the subjects you have studied at undergraduate level, at least be hundred percent sure in one or two subjects and mention that when you are asked about your favorite subject. Be quite ready with the subjects where you scored high in undergrad studies. The depth of the questioning here can be very high.Similarly be sure to be familiar with details of hobbies you have written about or you plan to mention. If music is your interest, just saying music is your interest is not enough. You must know some details and the names and biographies of famous musiciansFollowing are some points to rememberDo not panic that you did not get a call and your friend got it.
Appear for interview at all IIMs that send you a call if you get a call from more than one IIM
Make sure that there is no overlap. If there is any clash of dates get it changed. Request for change of center is also possible.
Be sure to follow all instructions given while filling the forms and also take the originals of all your academic documents including file on extra curricular activities.
Make sure you know the venue of interview and if required go there one day before and see the location.
Be there early enough so that you don’t miss anything. They start the group discussion and interviews punctually.Be dressed properly. Very casual and informal attire may not work in your favor.Calling candidates in may be in random order, so it is better not to wander off from the venue.Group DiscussionFollow the instructions of the faculty in the room carefully.
Read the discussion case or issue given and note the key points. Identify the main problems and think of some recommendation you can make
Try to work out an agreement within the group so that everyone gets a chance and no one ends up screaming. Do not simply remain quite. If you are not being given a chance to talk insist and talk.
Maintain a cool and calm attitude. Do not get irritated or angry and do not insult anyone.
Narrate you points in a sequence. Plan how many times you need to intervene to mention all.
Smile and be firm and clear but do not disagree with others. Appreciate their view and give a reasonable hearing to the others.InterviewWalk in with confidence and greet with a smile and salutation.
Answer the questions clearly. Be prepared to explain any anomalies in the academic performance.
Be honest and when you are no familiar admit that.
Do not get into arguments but you can disagree.
Remember to thank the panelIf you are working or worked be prepared to talk about the jobs, reasons for leaving, skills you acquired, your industry and the trends. Your reporting relationship and situations you have handles and the contributions you made.

How to Take Advantage of Business Travel Insurance

Depending on your kind of business, it may be necessary for you to travel, sometimes even out of the country, particularly if you hold a high position in your company. If you are in such a position, you should make sure that you take advantage of a business travel insurance. Perhaps you may wonder why this is necessary. Let us take a look at some of the benefits you will get.This type of insurance will be particularly helpful in case you are self-employed. In the unfortunate event that you fall victim to a robbery, you may loose nearly everything you have. If you do not have a business travel insurance, you will be forced to struggle to recover your great loss all by yourself.There are a number of factors you need to take into consideration before you take your business travel insurance. If you are travelling to another country, you should first of all confirm that the insurance you would like to sign up for is recognized in the country you are going to. If you happen to take a business travel insurance that is not accepted in the country, it will not be of help to you there. There are different policies and it is also important that you take one that really suits you, examples of which are backpacker, specialty, and worldwide policies.Here are some of the steps that will help you to find a convenient business travel insurance policy.- In your bid to compare a variety of policies, you should not just focus on their respective costs. Instead, you should determine their various product features, exclusions, and cover benefits.- Take enough time that will give you the opportunity to cancel the policy you have taken in case you find some problems with it. Your money will be refunded.- Determine whether an annual or a single business travel insurance is right for you, depending on the frequency of your travels.- With an annual business travel insurance, even those trips that you take over the weekends will be covered.- Travel agencies and tour operators usually give their customers some special offers. However, you should first of all determine whether such offers will really benefit your business.- Make it a habit of carrying a copy of your insurance, including the help line number, but do not carry it in your wallet. Ensure that it is safe.- You should see to it that your business travel insurance has medical cover. As a whole, you should have a good grasp of the policy you are taking.- Go for a reputable company.

5 Tips For a Smooth First Business Travel Experience

Travel help from business travel experts is as good as meeting a business tycoon for management tips. Learning from them will bring smoothness in your trip.In today’s working world, business operations have become more global. There are many business travel opportunities for the newly hired or promoted employee. While grabbing these travel opportunities a must, first time business travellers like you should travel smarter.Sort Things Out
For first timers, it is best to be aware that you have two major classifications of the things that you will be bringing. One is your work-related things and the other one is your personal stuff.Therefore, while choosing a light carryon luggage, it is also suggested that it is multi pocketed so you can enjoy more spaces.Be Organized
In order to have an organized business travel, create a travel checklist of the work-related things that you need like your laptop, flash drive, printed reports on folders, brochures, calculators and the like. This will protect you from forgetting important or urgent tasks that your boss asked from you.Make sure that you brought a good number of your business cards. Businesses can start with your plane mate or some other people you have bumped in the airport lobby.Also check the lifespan of the batteries of your communication device so you won’t miss any important office correspondences and instructions.Be Budget Conscious
If your office allows you to take care of your own transportation and reservation as part of your per diem during your business travel, the internet is your tool to check online for the best flight and hotel deals in Europe or Asia available.Look for package deals, promo flights, and reasonably-priced business hotels or even nearby hostels. Tips would be to ask if the published rates are inclusive of applicable taxes. Also ask for the rates of late check-ins so you can include it in your travel budget.Always Be Prepared
For your personal belongings particularly your clothing, it is best that you have brought clothes with business colors and shades like black, dark blue, brown, white and gray. This will allow you to be flexible in doing some mix and match so you maintain your being presentable as well.In the business world, there are times that first impression lasts. As first time business travellers, you may not be familiar or accustomed to the foods of your destination, it is highly recommended to have anti-histamine with you all the time. This will help you stop allergic reactions instantly in order not to disrupt or disturb your meeting schedules and appointments.Follow Airport Rules
Your liquids, including gels, in the array of your toiletries should be in zip-lock plastics as it is mandatory in any airports. It is also best to use slip-on shoes going to the airport so it would not be time consuming for you to untie and tie your shoelaces during security checks.With these travel help gathered from seasoned business travellers, you will be ready for a remarkable business travel that will widen your perspective of the career you have chosen and loved. This might be the start of a series of world travel experience from work to leisure.